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Hello there ♥ Your average fangirl here. I like girls and lesbians and the boys that inevitably come with as I read a lot of shonen series. I love headcanons and AUs and fantasy. Hit me up any time; I am extremely open minded and I don't do ship wars. ☆ Keep smiling, beautiful!

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Just read the most disgusting news article on the front page of the New York Times. DO YOU SEE YOUR FUCKING PROBLEM NOW?!


I don’t know what I’m doing anymore. Happy Canada Day everyone. Here’s love from a crazy Canadian. Now if you’ll excuse me, i’m going to drink my jug of maple syrup.

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Oh, wow. I am SO SLOW. I didn’t notice this at all. I’m sorry ;w;

  • I am double jointed in both my thumbs
  • I am a tea addict
  • Sometimes when I say words like soda or Sobeys, I sound super Canadian
  • I have a dog (Akito), three rabbits (Nyx, Hermes and Persephone) and a cat (Desmond)
  • I am an early bird
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Kuroko: Happy birthday. I’ll be a shadow to liven things up.
Kagami: Today’s your birthday, right? I’ll cook something for you.
Kise: Happy birthday! I made sure to remember it!
Midorima: Today is your birthday. Your lucky item is a pair of glasses.
Aomine: Eh, it’s your birthday? Happy birthday.
Murasakibara: Happy birthday. Call me when it’s time to eat cake.
Akashi: It’s your birthday… Happy birthday. I’ll allow you to celebrate it.
Hanamiya: I’ll let you celebrate your birthday for today.
Seirin: Ready, set… Happy birthday!
Kaijou: Let’s go, ready… Happy birthday!
Shuutoku: Ready… Happy birthday! … nanodayo.
Touou: Ready, set… (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) It’s all over the place…
Alex/Himuro/Kagami: One, two… Happy birthday!




I’m gonna ship these two so hard and you can’t stop me.

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Before they came out the caves, we were already the masters of science, mathematics, writing and culture. #wisdom #timbuktu #mali #ghana #africa #blackexcellence #knowthyself

Man, this struck me as amazing the first time I’d heard about it. I was honestly shocked that I’d not heard about it and not just a little disappointed.

Anyhow, links!





this is like the funniest toph moment ever

The first time I saw this episode I thought ‘aha yeah bc Toph’s in a rock tent’

And then I thought about it a second longer and Jesus fuckin Christ Katara

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The Lakes of Mount Kelimutu, Indonesia are considered to be the resting place for departed souls, the lakes are locally referred to as “the lake of evil spirits”. All 3 lakes change colour from blue to green to black or red unpredictably.

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